Companies Submitting Live Data

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The companies below are submitting live data using the Paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting standard:


Crop Production Services (CPS) / Loveland Products

The Mosaic Company

Southern States Cooperative


Thanks to the following companies who participated in the project development:


Ameropa NA

CF Industries


International Raw Materials (IRM)

Land O'Lakes


Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.


Wilbur-Ellis Company


The following companies are interested in and working towards Paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting:

Adisseo USA Inc.



Carolina Eastern

Feed Energy Co.


Helena Chemical

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.


Intrepid Potash

Monty's Plant Food

OpenLink ASG

Scotts Fertilizer

United Suppliers

Vereens Fertilizer



TESTIMONIALS from Industry Members:

“Industry and government adoption of the paperless tonnage standard is allowing Southern States to streamline its reporting processes. By reducing the time needed to gather, aggregate and report tons for each particular state and by implementing a common information set, we’re projecting lowered operational costs and more productive resources. We look forward to all our partners, peers and reporting agencies participating in this process by 2016.

Brent Kemp, Southern States Cooperative