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Why Electronic

Technology provides a faster more efficient and accurate method of reporting. Both industry and states would benefit from simplification.

  • Implementation of a reporting standard across the industry will improve the process for all involved.

  • With the elimination of the current labor intensive process, states and agricultural businesses will experience significant cost and time savings.

Electronic reporting eliminates several reporting and report creation issues.

  • Multiple formats – 40+ different formats

  • Lack of consistency in data definitions from state to state.

  • High cost to generate reports – manual reporting is time consuming, labor intensive and not sustainable.


Paperless reporting helps or eliminates several report processing issues.

  • Budget constraints or reductions. “Need to do more with less”

  • Lack of consistency in companies reporting

  • Time consuming manual key-entry of data from paper forms

  • Manual processing of large quantities of reports/paper/filing

  • Hiring temporary help to key-enter data adds to cost and is error prone.

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