Frequently Asked Questions by States:

Can you quantify the interest in electronic tonnage reporting at the state level?

During informational webinars in March 2013, 32 of the 38 states that participated said they thought Paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting would be of value to their state.

Will the electronic reporting XML standard allow for reporting to multiple states for multiple retail sites? Currently we complete separate reports for each company site and for each state.

Yes, the XML standard allows for multiple companies being reported or can submit separate messages for each entity/location per state.

Do any of the states require distributors to report tons distributed by county or tons per township within a county?

The XML standard can accommodate information reported at the county level, but not at the township level. Township level reporting was not a requirement captured during development of the XML standard. If states begin requireing township level reporting, please notify the project team by email at and they will begin the process for submitting modifications to the XML standard.

If we report to 2 states, and one is accepting paperless data and the other is not, what do we do?

The XML standard will pull the necessary inforamtion for each state. One will be available to electronically submit and the othe you will need to contact the state to inquire if you can send it via email or print & mail.

Do we need to switch to a different industry software in order to move to paperless?

There are a few computer software companies already working with the XML standard. Complete the Industry GetConnected form to begin one-on-one discussions on how to get your company reporting electronically.

How much will it cost to switch to paperless?

This is different for each company and state.

Do we need to send out paperless tonnage for all states to one central location?

There is no national facility to which the data and payment will be submitted. Similar to the paper process, data and payment will move directly from the companies to the states only electronically.

What kind of assistance is available for us to move to paperless?

Companies will cover costs for internal IT systems programming, if any. Consulting for additional assistance is available, please visit the GetConnected page to learn more.

If State Legislature moves to require more detailed information in tonnage reports, how will this be handled?

The project team has a process for submitting modifications to the XML standard. If you state is undergoing changes to their tonnage reporting laws, please notify the project team by email at

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